Monday, December 22, 2008

Retail is still getting more bullish as SPX falls...

Just briefly checked some charts before the certain one catches me, looks like retail is still getting bullish as if they insist on giving me the final orgasmic blast to finish the year with an epic end.

BTW, I see LOD is 852.75 on ES... That was the number I mentioned in my previous post and we need to break that level to crater towards sub-800 in coming days. Light holiday trading certainly makes this harder but at the rate retail is getting bullish, odds favor we can do it.

I have included a trade setup for x3 small cap short (TZA). I bought some today around 55 upon future vacation plans were brought to the breakfast table. Hopefully, it will pay our vacations for the next few years. I think if ES opens below 855, TZA will break out of that triangle with a break away gap.

This is for the one who owns my heart and my soul.
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