Friday, November 28, 2008

Growing hopes for my destruction once again...

I see ES closed at 894.75, rallied only 8 points today. I am currently down 30 handles on this trade after being up 30 handles initially.

Despite I made 145 handles from my previous trade, and 550 handles before that, since August 2008, once again I see growing hopes among my haters that they gonna get me this time :) However I don't see a lot of insanity compared to the past times... especially considering those who killed a worker at Walmart today. Are retail traders loosing interest in stock market? or out of ammo?

Due to the high probability for a large gap down on Monday, I will start shorting Sunday night... will also initiate long position in SRS, TWM and MZZ on Monday.

Back to my turkey carcasses...
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