Thursday, October 9, 2008

long ES at 875

30% position including previous one

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jeff said...

i am with you all night! this is fun, what did you see that made you want to go long?

Atilla M. Demiray said...


doc4bax said...

some day sheesh,, have a target up?

Atilla M. Demiray said...

1360 before xmas

jeff said...

maybe it wasnt blood, just ketshup on your screen!

bil said...

I'm posting it for the first time.
I would just like to add one point that previous two bottoms in 2002 and 1974 were made in the month of October and this time it's possible that market makes bottom in October 2008 again.
Some Quick facts:
1. Top:1576(Oct-2007) Bottom:875(not yet final) Fall 44%
2. Top:1552 (Mar-2000) Bottom:768 (Oct-2002) 50% fall
3. Top:120 (Jan-1973) - bottom:62( Oct -1974)- 46% fall

Thanks atilla for the wonderful calls and community.

Andrew said...

Awesome updates as usually..,you are a class act! Appreciated!