Thursday, October 9, 2008

covered the last 25% at 880

I will start initiating long positions tomorrow if we gap down around here or little lower

7 comments by xTrenders :

ARAK said...


If it is going to gap down tomorrow morning, why did you have to cover everything by today?

goblin said...

C'mon ARAK, that is risk management.He made a lot - why to risk it for 50/50 chance to get few more points?

Atilla M. Demiray said...

It will gap down but where? here or 900 or above?

the thing is, 870 is the point where whales are waiting to swallow this.

exiting 10-15 points early from a trade with 150+ points profit doesnt give me any disturbance

Odin said...

do you think buying now at 870 is a good idea?

streetguy said...


You would be riding this whole bull wave togather with us right?

I hope u don't close this blog down.. else I will become the sucker again.. lol..

Really Lost said...

Congrats! You're the MAN!

Waiting with my trinkets for tomorrow.

IC said...

Atilla do you still see the meltdown in Citi, STT, NTRS? If so how can the market go up with that kind of news? Thanks for everything you do, it has saved me.