Tuesday, September 16, 2008

short ESZ8 @ 1190

stop 1193

5 comments by xTrenders :

Shawn said...

So what's the game plan here?

Financials recover very strongly today. With FED expected to cut, could it be a IT reversal day today??

But then SPX just break 1200 yesterday ... could not believe it can climb back easily. Maybe FED will not cut today since market is calm now.

Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.

admin said...

Game plan is

ES will test 1160

then rally to 1185 to wait for the fed

then we head below 1150 before the close

Shawn said...

By the way, OEX put call shows smart money is bullish so far.

PCP said...

I am surprised $BPSPX and $BPNDX are so high, even after yesterday.

Shawn said...

and VIX is coming down fast. Looks like IT reversal up has been put in.