Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lets all make money...

September 23, 2008 was an unusual trading day because we had an equity ISEE reading which usually corresponded to ST market tops in the past. But it didn't work that time.
Why? Because of the bail-out expectations. I think, on Monday, we open below the level the market closed on Sep 23. (SPX 1190)

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dougs charts said...

Looks like we have a deal.
Atilla, what are you doing if the market gaps open? It seems most want to sell into any strength.
If this market is crashing it certainly is the most advertised crash ever.

Greenie said...

"I can not explain this feeling. It started Friday afternoon during the ramp up. It is like a recursive whisper: "something is wrong"."

Don't give me this nonsense Atilla. This is what you said at 3:33EDT on Friday afternoon on your blog.

"Yes, the market will likely gap up
Friday, September 26, 2008 3:33:00 PM EDT"

and you signed off saying -

"Have a beautiful weekend people.
Friday, September 26, 2008 4:33:00 PM EDT"


Then came this comment from yours truly, and turned you into a different person :)

"Greenie said...

Did you see that rally over the last hour? I think it had signatures of suckers marked all over it. Too many people are hoping for a massive gap up on bailout.

Friday, September 26, 2008 5:15:00 PM EDT"

Scamper said...

Enlighten me Greenie, what signatures did you see?


Atilla M. Demiray said...

Don't give me this nonsense Atilla. This is what you said at 3:33EDT on Friday afternoon on your blog.


I post my thoughts and trades in the absence of Sol here, realtime.
I bought SKF before the close for hedging and I completely turned bearish after the close.

If I could turn bearish before the close, I would have sold my entire long position and shorted futures. It is all documented here. Yes at the time it was asked to me, I was still thinking we would gap up but by 4:30, I was bearish.

Now while these things are on the blog, you have the balls to come here and tell me I am givin you a nonsense?

Get a life.

bubb said...

everybody is trying to make sense of this absurd world we live in right now.... greenie, I don't see how you trolling here has advanced any discussion and instead seems only to try to boost your ego...I suspect (hope) you were simply being facetious.

IC said...

Hey folks the little smiley :) indicates the person is joking. I read the statement as good natured kidding. Greenie has expressed his admiration for Atilla many times here and in his own blog. Give it a rest already. Everybody needs to relax a little, put our heads together and come up with a coherent approach to this crazy market.

Dcengr said...

Greenie is not funny

:) <-- look!

Dcengr said...

The plan details are out:

You still plan on shorting?

dougs charts said...

to all,,,,

What will the sp500 globex be at 8 eastern time tonight.

Please respond,, thanks

ARAK said...

My best guess is the prop desks will attempt a pump into the morning. Their need to increase their respective company share prices is more important than the little guy making money in the next week. Therefore, I expect a ramp job that will take /ES to 1230+ by the morning. The option makers won't mind as they will sell more calls and then wait for them to get worthless by Opex.

When the market opens there will be a stampede to sell into strength and that will cause opening pop and then boom for the day. The other option is the market could hold until the senate vote before it becomes unglued.

All this depends on how Europe opens and it doesn't look good with Fortis and Bradford & Bingley.

As greenie says, think like a thief.

mike said...

if you take the bailout noise out...and just look at the spy daily its at 20day ma ( resistance and stightly above 906-20 is Huge resistance...short the market on any strength or ...1st bounce if we gap down.