Thursday, September 18, 2008

closed 50% ESZ8 @ 1183

4 comments by xTrenders :

admin said...

IF you are reading this,

Something is fucked up with blogger, I can not post anything anymore.

Also all my posts show the same time stamp and order of my posts are mixed.

Please be advised that until this issue is resolved there will be no post on xTrends

I am thinking maybe Fed advised Google to sabotage xTrends?

admin said...

I think ES 1185 was the top today
if taken out 1192 is the next level

sahmtrader said...

everything seems wierd today. even my charting software messed up it took me an hour of blind trading until it got sorted out

golibaaz said...

sol, i think the time stamp got messed up when you tried to fix the typo from 1283 to 1183. blogger seems to be doing fine.
please keep posting.