Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Answering some e-mails

I got a lot of emails today asking for access to the blog. I don't think anyone with a regular internet access should have any difficulty seeing this blog. It doesn't require you to log in or anything, it is a regular web site everybody can see.

If you were concerned about that brief interruption yesterday, that was my mistake. I accidentally disabled entire blog instead of only comments.

So the blog is open to everybody. However , in order to post your comments, I believe you must have a google account which is also free. Open a google account and post your comments.

Also, got some emails about RSS feed.

RSS feed is available for both posts and comments. It is on the side bar as shown below.

Direct link to RSS for posts is:


Direct link to RSS for comments :


You can also create yahoo alerts using the link at the top of this page. That is, "Create an alert" link.
In this case, you will receive posts and comments in your yahoo email or messenger, whichever you select from yahoo setup.
To use this feature, you must have a yahoo account. Once you log in to your yahoo account, come to this page and click on "Create an alert" link. It will direct you to your yahoo alerts page. You will be required to enter the RSS address shown above.

4 comments by xTrenders :

Susannah said...

I'd emailed you asking for an invitation to xSetups. When I try to go to it from the front page of this blog, it says the blog is by invitation only. I can see xPositions fine, though.

IC said...

I want the super secret decoder ring that lets me read the market like you; if this was 1700 they would burn you for the witch you are :-)

admin said...

Dear Susanna,
If we let you see xsetups, you will take all the money in the market before us :)

Susannah said...

What's wrong with that :) OK, no problem, I just hadn't heard back from the email and was wondering. Enjoying this blog.